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A Quiet Place - The Bridge, Leintwardine

The confluence (to hark back to ill-spent school geography lessons) of the River Teme and River Clun is a veritable jewel in Leintwardine's crown. A sparkling, fast flowing river, deep in places, shallow in others. After heavy Welsh rain has upped the ante, the energy given off can be almost palpable. If you stand and close your eyes, the sound is almost sea-like.

The river and village green are a magnet for tourists and locals alike, but pick a balmy sunset evening or a misty early morning stroll and their Quiet Places are all yours - the beautiful Listed stonework of the bridge as the water erupts after passing through its 5 arches - the mesmerising eddies and currents that are created as the river flows on its merry way - the exposed gravel banks around the meadow where ancient Roman pottery finds are commonplace. If you're lucky, perhaps finding a flint arrowhead from even earlier occupation. But, in particular, to the rickety, worn, wooden bench overlooking the river - a great place for a few moments of undisturbed meditation and deep breathing. It's a place of continual change and positive ions, but also simultaneously a constant in village life, worthy of a Quiet Place.

So where are your Quiet Places? Drop us a line

Dave Fletcher @ 2023

Photo : Dave Fletcher

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