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A Quiet Place - Kenchester Water Gardens

Slap bang alongside the perpetually busy A49 just before it crashes into Hereford, Kenchester Water Gardens offers a decent morning out with free entry, free parking, toilets and a little cafe. Offering big pond supplies, aquatic plants, fish and turtles, Kenchester as a busy independent business still scores highly in A Quiet Place.

If you do happen to miss the road turning, do NOT follow the next signs to footgolf. Intriguing (and a whole new experience for other reasons) but you may want to check the bottom of your car - basically to make sure that its still there. The footgolf folk are regular entrants in Herefordshire's deepest pothole awards.

Back in the gardens with the knowedgable, helpful and friendly staff, don't forget to say hello to the giant Pacu fish. The cafe, whilst functional, pushes breakfasts at the sad expense of almost everything ese. But you can't please 'em all and it does give you the opportunity to sit back on the patio and watch the zen of slow moving koi carp circling the big walled pond. Kenchester is however also a place to walk and just be, and the woods and gardens away from the shop hold yet more secrets! Follow the gravel pathways into the woods and say hello to your Quiet Place. Miniature ponds glisten between trees whilst sculptures, benches and bridges are fiercely guarded by free range attack chickens (or so we were led to believe!). Avenues lined with trees, Monet style wooden bridges and umbrella size water lillies provide a surprise around each and every corner.

A Magical Quiet Place for everybody

@2024 Dave Fletcher

Photo - Dave Fletcher

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