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Cariad Wellbeing - The Art of Healing

Our Story

Only we could have launched a company at exactly the same time we were getting married! Cariad Cakes began in a domestic kitchen in Ludlow, Shropshire. Our mission statement to create high end cakes full of taste but cutting down on the nasties (fats , sugar etc). Things snowballed after gaining several Great Taste Awards a couple of months later. We cut our teeth on Ludlow Farmers Market and word of mouth, quickly folllowed by orders from many shops and garden centres across the country. We moved into larger premises in Ludlow, always with an eye on work/life balance. More awards came our way, including a 2 star Gold Award for our Raisin Ginger Cake. We met the Queen in Ludlow and attended some fantastic Food Festivals and choice events. In 2019 we won Best Bakery Award. Although our range of cakes were not highly processed, we wanted to move away from producing sugar laden sweet treats and were in the middle of some restructuring and recipe development when COVID struck. Overnight our regular orders vanished and we were suddenly looking into a bottomless pit.

While COVID raged outside, creating uncertainty across the world, we decided to continue the restucture, reinvent ourselves and relaunch as a health and wellbeing hub, something that had always been close to our hearts. Kay's 10+ years of experience as a private practice person centred counselling psychotherapist has always run central to Cariad Wellbeing. We've both been vegetarian for well over 30 years and align ourselves closely to the Green movement. We're all about reduce, reuse, recycle. Having gained our Reiki Master Degrees over the past 10 years, we are looking forward to helping and healing.

As a strongly customer focussed small family business with our unique online shop, there really is something for everyone at Cariad Wellbeing.

Dave & Kay x

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