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A Quiet Place - Church Hill, Leintwardine

Deep in the rolling hills to the east of Leintwardine, the verdant green of the woodland trees gives way to the open ground of Church Hill.

Its certainly a hill. Its not really near the church. It may well have been a beacon site for our early Iron Age friends. Church Hill’s steepness allows you to quickly and quietly escape civilisation, roads and lanes, on up to its lofty vantage point (I may be over egging its height to be fair, at around 230 feet, it's no real challenger to Snowdon!) There are noticeably fewer trees, but the breeze feels somewhat cleaner and fresher. Open earthworks and fossil laden rocky outcrops can still be found up here. As you reach Church Hill’s summit and spend a few moments putting out the fire in your calf muscles, the views open up to something pretty stunning to say the least. The village in its entirety is laid out below you. Brandon Camp and the Wigmore Rolls in one direction, the Clun forests and Bury Ditches Hill Fort in the other.

In the morning, as the sun rises behind you, you might perhaps find yourself sharing your ‘private’ space with sheep, rabbits, hares, owls, foxes and buzzards bathed in the gorgeous golden dawn. At the other end of the day the views to the sunset in the West are burning pinks, reds and oranges. A sight indeed to behold.

Stay awhile and drink it in. Places like this are rare indeed. The oneness with nature and the unspoilt peacefulness of Church Hill, makes it a very special Quiet Place indeed.

So where are your Quiet Places? Drop us a line

Dave Fletcher @ 2023

Photo : Dave Fletcher

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